We are Radicle Health

Our impact is wide, but our focus and expertise run deep

We have deep roots within the agencies we serve

The agencies we serve have deep roots within their communities

Like a root, our software is mission critical

Like a root system, we work together to collectively serve our customers better than we could on our own

Radicle Health acquires mission critical human services software companies.

We believe technology is at the root of success in the human services sector, but that no single system can meet the needs of every agency. So we’ve built Radicle Health around this guiding principle. Our companies are 100% committed to their products, their customers, and the individuals their customers serve. But under one roof, our teams can learn from each other, can more quickly test ideas, and can think holistically about our communities and the people at the center of those communities.

Our companies offer targeted solutions to specific providers, but our collaboration extends our impact across entire communities.



organizations served

across the United States and Canada, across the social determinants.



...today. We plan to bring many more products and teams into the family.




...mostly remote, with offices In New York City, Austin, Ontario, and San Francisco.



years of combined experience

Our products were built for human services professionals, by human services professionals.



lives impacted

cumulatively, by the organizations using our products.



claims processed

cumulatively, by the organizations that submit claims with our products.

Where we are

Our Story

Technically speaking, our story began in 1990 in a server room at Community Access, a residential behavioral health agency in New York City that needed a system to document its services and bill Medicaid for those services. This is when the first line of code was written for what became Foothold Technology.

Since then, each of our companies has had its own unique founding story. KCare started as a project within a Texas-based foster care agency to streamline their documentation and billing needs. Link2Feed was once a custom software project for two small food banks in Ontario, Canada.

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Each of our companies was built in a different place, at a different time, and for a different purpose, but with three common threads.
The consistent elements were, and still are:
  1. 1


  2. 2

    A genuine commitment to customers, and

  3. 3

    A profound belief in the work our customers do.

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The original idea for Radicle Health began taking shape in 2017, when ASG – Radicle Health’s capital partner – acquired Exym with a desire to invest heavily in the behavioral health and human services technology market. In 2021, after four years, five additional acquisitions, and one pandemic, we officially launched Radicle Health.

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We plan to continue acquiring industry leading human services software companies, preserving the autonomy and focus that make these companies beloved by their customers, and fostering collaboration and experimentation across our teams so that we can collectively better serve our communities.

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In 2022, we launched Radicle Apps to provide our platforms with a suite of software and services that supercharges their functionality and eases the administrative burden of their customers. Especially in light of the human services staffing crisis, workflow automation and other time saving tools are as critical as ever.

Our At-A-Glance History

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Our Leadership Team

We’re insiders and outsiders, big thinkers and tinkerers, dreamers and realists. We’re entrepreneurs, operators, and technologists. We’ve worked in big tech, investing, education, and on the frontlines of human services. We strive to build software that our customers love using, and companies that our teams love working for.

Let’s help the organizations our communities depend on.