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Tyler Hoffman

Group CEO, Radicle Health

Jul 15, 2021

The world of human services technology is fragmented, redundant, and confusing.

Today, the teams at Foothold, Exym, KCare, and Link2Feed are excited to launch Radicle Health, a group of companies committed to providing human services organizations with the technology they deserve.

Back in 2017, we saw a need for increased investment in software used by human services agencies. We spoke with these organizations, and consistently heard about clunky software, cumbersome workflows, and siloization of data. We heard about EHRs as the primary driver of employee dissatisfaction, headache, and ultimately, turnover. 

And we didn’t understand why it needed to be that way.

So we decided to start buying leading human services software companies, provide them with the resources and freedom they need to succeed, and create a community of collaboration among these companies – all with the ultimate goal of better supporting the agencies we felt were underserved by technology.

Four years ago, we were a team of 15 with one product serving about 100 agencies in California. Today, we’re a team of nearly 150 across four companies and six products, serving more than 10,000 agencies nationwide. Given our scale and reach, we felt it was time to come out of stealth mode.

We believe technology is at the root of success in the human services sector, but that no single system can meet the needs of every agency. We also believe deeply in the power of collaboration, especially in a world in which healthcare data should flow seamlessly and securely across systems. So we’ve built Radicle around these guiding principles. Our companies are 100% committed to their products, their customers, and the individuals their customers serve. But under one roof, our teams can learn from each other, can more quickly test ideas, and can think holistically about our communities and the people at the center of those communities.

A radicle is the foundation of a strong root system. Change the spelling, and it represents a departure from tradition, or unorthodox. We have deep roots within the agencies we serve, and our agencies have deep roots within their communities. We also believe that we’re doing something different, which is why we’re calling ourselves Radicle Health.

I’m so grateful to the Foothold, Exym, KCare, and Link2Feed teams for their hard work and commitment, particularly through the craziness of this past year. I’m also so grateful to all of our customers for the faith you’ve put in us, and for the critical work you do for our communities. It’s our privilege to support you, and we intend to continue doing so for many years to come.

Sincerely, Tyler

Let’s help the organizations our communities depend on.