Radicle Health Acquires Stabilify, Joining Forces With KCare Further Expanding in the Child Welfare Software Market

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Ronan Martin

Jan 27, 2022

Radicle Health, a human services software organization, today announced that it has acquired Stabilify, an innovative software for child welfare professionals to improve outcomes for foster children and those who care for them.

Stabilify will join forces with KCare, case management software for modern social service agencies. Together, these organizations can combine their deep industry expertise to better serve child welfare professionals, enabling them to spend less time on casework and more time serving their clients.

Stabilify is Radicle Health’s seventh acquisition and the third serving the child welfare industry.

“We’re so excited to welcome Stabilify into the Radicle family,” said Tyler Hoffman, CEO of Radicle Health. “Strategically, Stabilify adds critical functionality to our expanding suite of products serving the child welfare market. And culturally, the team will fit right in with our mission orientation.”

Stabilify was founded in ​​2017by a team of technology and child welfare professionals who spent decades working in the child welfare arena. Frustrated with having to rely on solutions that did not focus on the humans using those solutions, they formed Stabilify. Over the last five years, the team has created an ecosystem of technology solutions that is centered around every child and family receiving services, while also better supporting the workforce and caregivers who are in the trenches each day.

“Stabilify is thrilled to be joining the KCare family of companies,” said Jackie Gonzalez, President and Co-Founder of Stabilify. “Our ability to bring innovation to child welfare is dramatically enhanced by the resources and talent this larger team offers the human services community.”

About Stabilify

Stabilify uses technological innovations in data collection and analysis to provide our clients with real time answers to what is working, what is not working, and why. By proactively monitoring the pulse of our clients’ data through this timely and actionable intelligence, we offer solutions to improve foster children’s lives, improve on the success rate of initial child placements, improve efficiencies, solve problems, and improve outcomes – all in a measurable way. But we don’t just provide the technology. We assist in implementing our products, in training, and with related compliance issues. Our team of dedicated experts will also work together with any clients, to design and develop innovative systems of foster care from the ground up.

About KCare

KCare is a mission-driven software provider for social service agencies. We aim to simplify the management of the complex processes for child welfare and behavioral health through our powerful, industry-leading case management, EHR, and analytics solutions. Our software helps agencies and clinicians work more efficiently and effectively, empowering them to focus where they are needed most. For over 25 years, we’ve helped our customers accelerate care for vulnerable populations through our solutions, which now include extendedReachExym, and Stabilify. Learn more at www.k-care.com.

About Radicle Health

Radicle Health acquires mission critical human services software companies. Today, Radicle Health’s companies are: Foothold TechnologyKCare, and Link2Feed.

Radicle Health believes technology is at the root of success in the human services sector, but that no single system can meet the needs of every agency. So Radicle Health was built around this guiding principle. Its companies are 100% committed to their products, their customers, and the individuals their customers serve. But under one roof, Radicle Health’s teams can learn from each other, can more quickly test ideas, and can think holistically about their communities and the people at the center of those communities.


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