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Tyler Hoffman

Group CEO, Radicle Health

Apr 11, 2023

Over the last few years, we’ve been hard at work launching and building Radicle. Today, as a result of eight acquisitions and the organic growth of our businesses, we support 14,000+ community based organizations across the U.S. and Canada, we employ 200+ smart, hard-working, and kind people, and we’re making excellent progress on our vision to bring better technology to the world of human services.

Personally, the last few years have been incredibly fulfilling, fun, and hard. I’m continually humbled and amazed by the work that the Radicle team does for our customers, and the work that our customers do for their communities. I’m so lucky to have been a part of this journey for the past five years leading Foothold, and then Radicle.

All good things must come to an end, though, and after a great deal of reflection, I’ve decided to step back from my job as Group CEO. I’ll remain closely involved with the Radicle team as a member of the board, and will be cheering for Radicle harder than ever, albeit from the sidelines.

More importantly, two of our exceptional CEOs – Alyza Tarmohamed and Katie Cortes – will be jointly leading Radicle as Co-Presidents, while continuing to oversee Foothold and KCare, respectively.

Alyza joined the Foothold team in June of last year as President & COO. It didn’t take very long for Alyza to begin making her mark with the Foothold team and customers, so when we promoted her to CEO in December, it was largely a formality. Alyza’s energy, curiosity, and work ethic are second to none, and I’m so lucky she decided to take a bet on us just over a year ago.

Katie joined the KCare team in January 2020 as Chief of Staff. With her contagious enthusiasm, quirky sense of humor, and willingness to do anything for her team, she quickly became the internal and external leader of KCare, where she’s been CEO since July 2020. Not to mention, she rides a motorcycle to work and has a serious whiskey collection. While it’s not a particularly high bar, we’ve designated her the coolest member of the Radicle leadership team.

In summary, while a leadership transition like this one is never an easy decision, it’s the right one. Every business evolves, and with that evolution comes a different set of challenges and priorities. And when we evaluated our short term and long term objectives, it became abundantly clear that Katie and Alyza were the right leaders to oversee this next phase of Radicle’s continued growth. I’m so proud of them, and am lucky to call them colleagues and friends. Radicle’s never been in better hands.

As for me, after a few months off I’ll be heading back to Alpine (Radicle’s owner and capital partner) as an Executive in Residence. The plan is to build out an acquisitive company in a market that’s yet to be determined. If I’m lucky, maybe someday that company will look something like Radicle!


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