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Powerfully intuitive design for clinicians

Our clean interface allows staff to accomplish tasks like activity tracking, telehealth therapy sessions and scheduling with as few clicks as possible.

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Our software connects directly with Medi-Cal and other payers, including LADMH, so that customers can get reimbursed quickly and accurately.

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Top notch support and reliability

Our team shows up. Our uptime is 99.99% and our customer support team answers 95% of tickets within 1 hour.

Who we are

Exym began in 2004 with an idea to develop a web-based EHR system that could be accessed from any browser, on any desktop or mobile device, and in any location. Our mission has been clear from the beginning: create a behavioral health EHR that is easy-to-use and empowers clinicians to do the work that matters.

Who we are photo Exym
Who we are photo Exym

Today, Exym is the leading behavioral health EHR company in California, with thousands of clinicians using its software. Behavioral health software that complies with regulations and automates billing is critical, but so is software that’s easy-to-use and maximizes efficiency. Our goal is for our customers to use our software both because it’s necessary and because it adds value to their organization.

Who we serve

Exym’s software was built to meet California agencies’ unique needs and regulatory requirements. Exym serves more than 100 agencies across California, and these agencies support more than 45,000 clients per month with our software. Our agencies provide services focused on mental health, substance use, foster care, and homelessness, and are primarily nonprofit agencies funded by Medi-Cal.

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Dan Anderson, Director of Development & Special Projects, Redwood Community Services, Inc.

If you are contracted through Department of Mental Health, Exym is hands-down the best EHR to go with. They stay on top of the DMH and state regulations and are always in compliance. Exym walks you through the implementation process every step of the way and remains supportive for your whole journey ahead. Exym is committed to developing a system and company culture that optimizes efficiency and ultimately client care. Exym really cares.

Kristine Santoro

Vice President, Quality and Innovation at Didi Hirsch

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