Transforming how we care for each other with nimble software and a partnership guided by experience

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Federally certified EHR

Configurable EHR software offering case management, client tracking, treatment planning, billing, and more.


Modern care management

Comprehensive care planning and tracking, powerful population health tools, and Health Home billing automation.


Data front and center

Robust reporting tools, a cloud native data warehouse, and dynamic data visualization capabilities.

Who we are

Over 25 years ago, one of our founders was the IT Director of a large behavioral health and residential services agency in New York City. He developed a case management system for the agency, and when other local agencies began expressing interest in the software, decided to spin out and start a company. Since then, Foothold has broadened the reach of its software throughout NYC, New York State, and nationally.

Who we are photo
Who we are photo

In 2021, Foothold acquired Relevant Health Homes, the leading provider of care management software for New York’s Health Home program, and rebranded the product as Foothold Care Management (FCM).

With the addition of FCM, Foothold now offers two products: AWARDS, an EHR for human services agencies, and FCM, a care management platform.

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With a product and team that grew up directly within human services agencies, Foothold is deeply committed to the customers it serves, and to the individuals these customers serve. We are proud of the work we do, and are honored to support organizations that are so critical for their communities.

Who we serve

Foothold supports more than 1,100 human services agencies across the United States, including agencies in Puerto Rico and Guam. With our roots, our office, and much of our team in New York City, our largest footprint is in New York State; however, today we work with agencies in nearly 30 states.

Our products support agencies across the spectrum of human services, including, but not limited to: mental health, substance use disorder, intellectual & developmental disabilities, and homelessness. The agencies we work with are primarily nonprofit agencies, and are predominantly Medicaid funded.

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EHR Review: Logan Lewis of CCSI reviews AWARDS EHR software.

Service delivery has improved exponentially because we have better information concerning the treatment of our customers... it’s probably the best process change we’ve ever made here, and I highly recommend it.”

Robert Davison

Executive Director, MHA of Essex and Morris Counties

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