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Client Intake and Self Enrollment

The Link2Feed client intake and self-enrollment tool offers case management functionality to enroll clients and keep track of the services they receive.

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Inventory and Point of Sale (POS)

Link2Feed’s simple inventory software helps keep record of inventory in real time, and the Point of Sale (POS) plug-in tracks exactly what food is distributed to clients.

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Texting with Link2Feed

Increase accessibility by becoming mobile-friendly with your community. Give better support and serve those who need an extra hand!

Who we are

Link2Feed is a social enterprise and Certified B Corporation committed to “feeding change” by providing software solutions to nonprofits. We believe food is a catalyst to changing lives and that nonprofits play a vital role in long-term poverty reduction.

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The original Link2Feed system was developed in partnership with a food bank that believed technology could be used more effectively. They knew that better data collection could increase food bank resources, demonstrate value to donors, and help the food bank better understand the people they serve. Link2Feed was built with these goals in mind, and has since evolved from a food bank database to a powerful tool for understanding poverty.

Who we serve

Link2Feed serves nonprofits with a poverty relief and food insecurity mission. Our technology does more than simply streamline operations and provide basic counts. It enables nonprofit organizations to understand exactly how their programs change lives, and provides unique insight into poverty at a local, regional, and national level.

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Seniors Serving Seniors with Link2Feed

Every morning I come into work and the first thing I do is open my email and Link2Feed; I can’t even imagine life without it anymore. The system makes it so easy to access the information I need and we use it daily to make decisions about our operations, in our communication with agencies and to tell our story to donors and volunteers. We exist to make a difference for people in our community and Link2Feed provides us with the data to make that happen.

Jon Davey

The Mississauga Food Bank

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