A digital assistant that gives frontline staff their day back

Client Engagement

Completes direct client communication (like surveys and follow-ups) via text and automatically stores that communication into the agency’s system of record.

Document and Signature Management

Document and Signature Management

Allows clients to upload documents and signatures from their own device.

Video Conferencing

Agencies can schedule HIPAA compliant remote video conferencing with clients.

Who we are

Sara was founded as part of the Council of State Vocational Rehabilitation Administrators WINTAC (Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center). Funded by the Rehabilitation Services Agency (RSA), the mission was to pilot solutions to the WIOA requirements for common reporting and data integration. Eleven states applied for Sara pilot status, with Kentucky, Nevada, and Alaska as the finalists. All three states are still using Sara today.


At the start of WINTAC in 2015, Sara had 28 users and a few hundred clients under management. When the WINTAC project closed in 2020, Sara had almost 5,000 users and 300,000+ clients under management.

Sara is also the keystone for the Veterans Administration modernization effort, spanning 12 time zones and working to help injured veterans return to civilian life.

Who we serve

Sara's roots are within Vocational Rehabilitation, but we have since evolved to serve many different types of organizations across the spectrum of human services. Sara's customers range from small nonprofit providers to national government agencies, and share a common mission to help people in need. Our mission is to increase their capacity to do so.

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Homeless Shelter uses Sara to help get people back on their feet

Counselors quit because of all the paperwork they have to do. All of these issues waste incredible amounts of money. Sara does cost money but when it is used, it is worth the investment.

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